This blog is dedicated to Malta - my island home. My aim is not to bore you with history but to share my thoughts and a few facts together with a photo or two. For a more in -depth background of the island please go here. The purpose of this blog is not to point out the short-comings of the island. There are plenty that do that already. My wish is to show you the beauty of an island at the cross roads of the Mediterranean, a melting pot of history; a place where fact and fiction are sometimes fused to create unique myths and legends; a country that has been conquered so many times that our culture is a mish mesh of the lands that surround us and of lands far away. I confess that my greatest desire is to make you fall in love with this tiny enchanting island.


Monday 14 March 2011

A Tale Of A Solitary Stroll

I took a walk on a mild winter’s day through the winding streets of an old, old town.

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (23)

I stopped several times on my solitary stroll next to houses that were built when the town was young.

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (43)

And as I touched their weathered stones I wondered, as I always do, about all the lives that these walls must have sheltered.

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (39)

I had so many questions that I wanted to ask:

If I opened this door, where would it lead?

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (38)

Who lived in this house?

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (20)

Who drank from this trough?

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (42)

There are such pretty colours here – was it always like this?

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (17)

Did people pray at the foot of this cross?

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (15)

What children played played in this small alley-way? And where are they now?

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (28)-1

But these buildings hold on to their secrets too well. I am left to stroll the streets with my questions as companions. Maybe next time, I whisper, you will give me a glimpse of the answers I seek. Perhaps I imagined it, but it seemed to me that the faintest of chuckles accompanied me for the rest of my walk.

St Agatha & Hal-Bajjada (46)


Believe me, I try, I  really do try not to get carried away but if I had to just recite historical  facts this blog would be too boring, don’t you think? I believe that we all need small doses of fantasy every now and then.

Tradition has it that the area I strolled through used to be a Jewish ghetto prior to their expulsion in 1492. According to an article entitled Jews of Malta on the website Beit Hatfutsot, there is no evidence to support this as the Jews here were free to mingle with the rest of the  population. Some Jewish remains have however been found in the  nearby burial site known as St  Paul’s catacombs, which makes them unique since they are Jewish catacombs within a Christian complex. So there definitely used to be a few families living in  this area in the distant past.

Photographed in the Hal-Bajjada area of Rabat.


  1. This area looks so similar to the Jewish Quarter in Dubrovnik - the doors and stone walls. Same questions boggle my mind especially when I'm at a very old and historic area.

    I love the writing.

  2. I never tire of historical facts and just like you, I'd be wondering too. Lovely walk.

  3. Love the quiet streets, doors and quaint little areas you came across! Whenever I see really old doors and run down buildings I always think of what is behind, laying there waiting to be discovered! If only I could just go in to see!

  4. I think historical things people can look up in Wikipedia, it's much nicer to read personal descriptions or feelings or opinions about a place. Here I thought I was on the Canary Islands with these colored doors

  5. beautiful shots! lovely greetings


  6. Love this post. So beautiful ... love those lovely building and colors. You always make me want to go there! Someday ... do I always say that? True though. :)

  7. Hi Loree
    I love the stories of our imagination.. I think that's what I love about travel and history so much.. as there is so much scope to dream and imagine what went before us... Love your shots.. and all those beautiful coloured doors..

    Have a great weekend.. ciao xxxx Julie

  8. Seems any color door is extraordinary against the lovely stone architecture. Stunning ~ xox Alexandra

  9. Beautiful post, Loree. I, too, often wonder the past of historical sites and antiques.. etc.
    I tell my children we must never stop dreaming ~ using our imagination, being curious. The world is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people, to be explored.

    The architecture is pure beauty and I love the colours of the doors, and the iron in the last photo! I purchased a flower box similar to that one last year.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo, B

  10. Just discovered your blog and really enjoyed the style of your writing! Love the pics...

  11. Intriguing how doors look different from one another. The iron work and old stone work are fascinating also. A lovely place to walk and wonder.

  12. Loree, I so enjoyed this historical trip in Rabat along with your beautiful photos and the magical touch of fantasy. The architecture, the views, the doors, the unique features, the colors... all are stunning!


  13. What an interesting walk you had. The doorways are so different from anything I have seen. It seems that everyone was inside. I would love to peed through one of those doors too!!

  14. You are a good photographer Loree,
    these pictures are interesting.

    Greetings, Joop

  15. I think you are right - we need a great dosis of phantasie:-)) Every image overs us a question or more - Thank you! Hugs from Luzia.


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