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Thursday 24 March 2011

The New Star Of Strait Street

I walked past this façade a couple of times wondering  what was inside. At first I thought it might be a new kinky boutique or some type of club or even a dance hall. It was intriguing, to say the least.

New Year's Eve in Valletta (20)-1

Then I looked up at the sign above the door (just visible in the photo above) and it explained everything. This is the new public bathroom in Strait Street. Strait Street has a very chequered history, which I will write about some other time, but for many years it was Valletta’s red light district.

New Year's Eve in Valletta (21)-1

So I thought that the newly refurbished building was quite in keeping with the street’s past – wouldn’t you agree?


Strait Street



  1. I'm interested to know the history of this red district, and wow, this building is really red :)

  2. Oh this is absolutely fan-tas-tic! And what a collection of v words!

  3. Fabuous post....and great shots!! Many tales to tell I am sure!
    have a happy wkd ahead!

  4. Great pictures, the v-words are entertaining.

  5. Great photos. For some reason, I suppose it's my curiousities, I would be drawn to exploring areas such as this as well. I'm always interested in the history. It does look very intriguing!
    xoxo, B

  6. vulva, virile, viagra, virgin. hahahahahha!

  7. That is really cool, red and bold.

    I find Strait Street fascinating as well. If I have some time on my own in Valletta I love walking down the street looking at the old signs.


    There should be a new book coming out this summer where Dr John Schofield & Emily Morrissey went to Strait Street and talked to people who lived/lives there "... to use archaeological and oral historical methods, combined with some documentary research, to interpret and demystify the urban landscape of abandoned music halls, bars, clubs and - some say - brothels of Strait Street, Valletta".

  8. At least it is very red even if the district is gone,lol !

  9. Great post! I heard about the new bathrooms but was too busy/lazy to go see for myself! Thanks for sharing and for the great photography! :-D

  10. Stunning color and well-captured! How interesting about this street, and I agree that the refurbish does reflect the street's past!


  11. Yes, I would agree! And the photos are lovely. It's a very fancy public bathroom, that's for sure!

  12. Great shots Loree..
    Interesting play on V words :)

    Jeanne xx

  13. That's interesting Loree.. quite swanky.. in a red light district sort of way.. hehe.. and very opulent for a public bathroom...

    The second shot is fabulous!!!

    Have a wonderful week.. ciao xxxx Julie

  14. I hope you're having a lovely week, Loree!
    xoxo, B

  15. Hello Loree

    My compliments for this nice blog,
    i like this pictures very much.

    greetings and i wish you a nice day.


  16. What a spectacular pop of red. Splendid ~ xox Alexandra

  17. Ouuuuuh, pure passion red:-)) Hugs from Luzia.


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