Monday, 14 January 2013

In Praise Of An Island

I have often wondered what a visitor from New York would think of Malta. Why New York, you might ask? Well, because for many Maltese, NY is the quintessential American city: it is fast, crowded, and vibrant and as different from Malta as the sun is from the moon. So when I came across Michael Jurick’s article Magnificent Malta, posted on his blog in August 2012, I started to read it with some trepidation. But this renowned NY-based photographer had nothing but praise to shower on Malta and Gozo. Sometimes it is like a breath of fresh air to see these islands through the eyes of an outsider. Because, let’s face it, living here and seeing the same buildings and the same scenery day in, day out tends to make most people a bit jaded – myself included. But Michael Jurick’s stunning captures of the little ordinary things that we walk past so casually every day are a testimony that these islands are still able to enchant and enthrall.

Jurick’s article attracted comments from over 300 readers and went viral soon after it was published. I stumbled across it a few days ago, quite by chance, but I am so glad that I did. Malta, of course, is not without its faults. I live here and I could point out many. Life here is what it is. There are times when it can get strangely overwhelming to exist within such small boundaries. But there is one thing that I do know: that wherever this life may take me and wherever I will roam, my heart will forever be tied to the sun-drenched shores of this little land.

First Swim of the Year (22)


  1. Hello Loree:
    It is so strange how one may travel the world over but there are some places, above all others, which really do touch one's very soul. Clearly Malta is a very special place for you and the photograph captures that serene beauty of which you write.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I just blogged about the 10 places in the world that I most wanted to visit and I now think I should have added Malta to the list :)

  3. Beautifully said! I was just telling someone how much more I explore and see new things when I have a visitor. Not only do I break out of routine but see it all through someone else's perspective... Like this article. Happy New Year to you!


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