This blog is dedicated to Malta - my island home. My aim is not to bore you with history but to share my thoughts and a few facts together with a photo or two. For a more in -depth background of the island please go here. The purpose of this blog is not to point out the short-comings of the island. There are plenty that do that already. My wish is to show you the beauty of an island at the cross roads of the Mediterranean, a melting pot of history; a place where fact and fiction are sometimes fused to create unique myths and legends; a country that has been conquered so many times that our culture is a mish mesh of the lands that surround us and of lands far away. I confess that my greatest desire is to make you fall in love with this tiny enchanting island.


Saturday 30 April 2011

I’ll Meet You By The Wembley

If you live in Malta you will, at some point in your life, have met someone by the Wembley Store. This store has probably seen more meetings than any other place on the island. Its location on a corner between Republic and South streets in Valletta, and opposite the old opera house, seems to make it an ideal venue where to meet someone in the city. It’s not that Valletta lacks landmarks. I think it’s just that its location is ideal as it is just a few metres away from the entrance to the city.

The store itself was opened in 1924 by Emanuel Gauci. Its name was inspired by the British Empire Exhibition held at Wembley (London) that same year. During the second World War the bombs that destroyed the opera house also damaged the store but it still continued to serve customers and, once the war was over, it was renovated and enlarged. Recently the store has again been refurbished and the façade embellished to give the shop a turn-of-the-century feel. I think it looks great and that it will continue to be a meeting place for many years to come.

Valletta on a Sunday (3)-1

The Wembley Store

305 Republic Street



  1. Oh if only that corner could talk!! It would tell us about lovers meeting there for the first time, sisters or cousins or friends congregating before they head off to a cozy nook for cafe and and pastizzi, young men watching the young ladies as they stroll down Republic Street ( or, as us old timers remember it, Kingsway) .......ah so many memories. Thanks Lorna for the post.

    I love the new LOOK.

  2. Now you've made me want to go shopping!

  3. Awesome ..Such a gorgeous place..lovely..i love visiting your realm Loree...I have some catching up to do..I look forward to seeing what I have missed! hugs and happy wkd..hope all is sparkling in yoruworld!

  4. Interesting piece of history. Wine and fine food, what can be better?
    I agree that juicy summer colours are much more fun!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo, B

  5. It's such a long time ago I think it was in 2004 I was in La Valetta, I don't know if I have seen this, anyway it looks very "English" lol !

  6. Love this fresh façade and that they kept the original feel to the building. Also, I like that you refer to the "turn of the century" and are not referencing the recent one - hah!

    I agree with Cathy... there are probably many stories told about this corner.


  7. Oh! The number of times I have met family and friends in front of that shop :) I'm really glad that they kept a vintage-y look for the place... would have been sad to see it thoroughly modernised!

    Lovely memories :-D

  8. Fabulous.. wonderful to have an iconic meeting place.. and an historic place at that!! It looks much like the Irish Pubs here... For some reason aussies love irish pubs!! haha

    Hope you are having a lovely week.. ciao xxx Julie


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