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Friday 21 May 2010

Weekend Reflections: Mirrors and Mosaics

   Medieval Mdina 136

Several exhibitions were held during the Medieval Mdina weekend. One interesting exhibition, held at the Corte Capitanale (the former Courts of Justice), featured a number of very creative and colourful mosaics. Amongst them was this mirror framed by a simple yet eye-catching mosaic. The reflection is of the top of the opposite wall and of part of the adjacent archway.

Mosaics have been used as decorative art since ancient times. The oldest mosaic ever found dates back to the second half of the third millenium BC and was used to decorate a temple building in Ubaid, Mesopotamia. As witnessed during the exhibition, the art of mosaic-making is still thriving after five thousand years.

 Medieval Mdina 132 

Medieval Mdina 130

Medieval Mdina 134

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  1. What a fun exhibition! The mosaics all look quirky and creative. That colorful mirror frame resembles an improvisational mini quilt I once made.

  2. Wow..these are super beautiful! I am in love with that bowl..how gorgeous! thanks for filling my evening wih colorful-enchantment..I love mosaics and their intricate beuaty!!Thankyou!

  3. Looks like a very interesting exhibition !

  4. Hi Loree! I'm not usually a great fan of mosaics unless they cover the walls of very old places but these are absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't mind having one at home!
    The reflection is very creative! Have a great weekend and thank you for all your lovely comments!

  5. Very nice my friend. What a wonderful exhibition. :) Have a great Weekend :)

  6. How very colorful. Lovely reflections!

  7. Very nice! That is one of the most unusual frames that I've seen. That's great artwork.

  8. Beautiful images! Mosaics fascinate me. I particularly like the under-the-sea one.

  9. That's a beautiful exhibition Loree. Thanks for letting me visit it!

  10. These are beautiful Loree! It must be great to see in person!

  11. Mosaics have always fascinated me. They are so colourful and so intricate at times.


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