Friday, 7 May 2010

Valletta in Sepia (4) – Our Lady of Victory Church

Valletta (17)   

This was the first church built in Valletta and it was built on the site where a ceremony was held to inaugurate the foundation stone of the new city in March 1566. The facade was given its current Baroque style in 1752. Following years of deterioration and neglect, the church was restored in 2004.

Valletta (18)

Valletta (19)

On a more personal note, my parents were married in this church in 1968.

Valletta (20)


  1. Magnificent !! Beautifully captured!And so special your parents married cool!
    Fabulous post!

  2. The church has a beautiful entrance, Loree. Nice that your parents were married in such a lovely place.

  3. The church looks beautiful in sepia. How wonderful that your parents were married there.

  4. What a lovely place to get married!

  5. I wouldn't have thought of using sepia but it looks beautiful! What a wonderful place to be married. So much history.

  6. What a lovely chapel to get married in!!

  7. Superb. Any chance of seeing inside?

  8. This is a gorgeous church, and I love all the details, Loree!

  9. Wonderful old building, I'm glad it has been restored.

    I see from your profile that we are both Tolkien fans, may I say you have very good taste? ;)

    Thanks for the visit!

  10. Great shots! Sepia was the right choice in my opinion.

  11. What a privilege and honor for your parents to have been married in such an historic church! And very commendable that there are those who saw to its restoration.


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