Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Tombs of Our Fathers

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You may all be wondering why I am sharing a photo of what seems to be a square cut out into the rocks. For many years these ‘formations’ puzzled me. When left to its own devices,  it is very rare for nature to form squares. But finally the mystery, such as it was, was solved. A few years ago I met a lady who explained who had made these squares. What we are seeing today is actually the top of a shaft that was cut into the rock. The shaft descends vertically to a tomb that is dug at right angles to the shaft and straight into the rock. From artifacts found inside the tombs it was concluded that they date back to Punic times. Appropriately, the tombs  face the setting sun. It all seems so obvious now that I wonder how I never figured it out for myself.

Punic Tomb,  Mtarfa


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    1. That made me smile. Perhaps I should have mentioned that the tombs were excavated and are now empty.


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