Thursday, 16 February 2012

An American Windmill In Malta

There is probably not very much that the USA and  Malta have in common. But there is one structure that is a common feature in the rural landscapes of both countries. It is the humble windmill, or to use a more correct term, wind pump. These mills were used by farmers to pump water from deep under-ground to irrigate their fields. Some of these wind pumps are still in use although, sadly, many of them have been neglected and have fallen into a state of disrepair. I grew up with one of these windmills right opposite our house and I remember many a windy night that I fell asleep to the clanking sound of its steel frame. As a child I would watch the giant blades turning in the wind with a sense of awe. I hope that at least some of these American imports will be maintained for future generations to enjoy.

Almost 6 (9)

On the back-path (27)

Photographed at

Chadwick Lakes

January 2012


  1. Nowadays I'm sure people would complain about the noise...

  2. I have seen some here too, I wonder if it was a Dutch emigrant who brought this to the States, because they are so specialists in windmills and mills.

  3. Lovely...I have a smaller version of a windmill just like this in my field, it's only 7 or 8 ft. tall, but I enjoy seeing it spin.

  4. Your photographs should be featured hardbound. Between you and M Pax, I always feel like I've taken a deep, fresh breath after I view your images.

  5. your photos remind me of the windmills i saw while visiting arizona.

  6. I would never have expected to see one of these in Malta!

  7. So beautiful....and such gorgeous shots Loree!! I love Windmills...they are so magical to me...

  8. I love those windmills...
    Greetings from France,


  9. They remind of home. Hope all is well loree!

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    Beautiful pics thanks for sharing


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