This blog is dedicated to Malta - my island home. My aim is not to bore you with history but to share my thoughts and a few facts together with a photo or two. For a more in -depth background of the island please go here. The purpose of this blog is not to point out the short-comings of the island. There are plenty that do that already. My wish is to show you the beauty of an island at the cross roads of the Mediterranean, a melting pot of history; a place where fact and fiction are sometimes fused to create unique myths and legends; a country that has been conquered so many times that our culture is a mish mesh of the lands that surround us and of lands far away. I confess that my greatest desire is to make you fall in love with this tiny enchanting island.


Thursday 26 January 2012

Golden Bay On A Stormy Winter’s Day

Few things are more majestic than the untamed power of stormy seas.

Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 001

Few things are more frightening than the unleashed fury of powerful waves.

Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 027

In summer this bay is a favourite bathing spot, its sandy shore lined with gaudy umbrellas and hundreds of sweltering bodies. Its waters are blue, welcoming and serene.

In winter it is almost a hostile place, the water turns a dark grey, the waves crash on the shore and the wind roars.

Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 005

A totally different scene. It is deserted, desolate almost, unwelcoming and cold. But this  is how I love it best. Revealing its wild beauty to me alone.

Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 006Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 009Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 011Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 013Golden Bay - Stormy Seas 018

Photographed at Golden Bay

February 2009

This bay, situated on the North-west coast of Malta is especially susceptible to the mighty NW wind, known in Maltese as Majjistral (the j’s sound like y’s). This pretty bay is known for its underground currents and caution is advised when swimming here even during the summer months.


  1. Incredibly beautiful, wonderfully captured cloudscapes!

  2. beautiful. it must be relaxing to be walking there especially in the summer.

  3. Loree, your descriptions of nature reveal so much about your own poetic spirit. I really enjoyed this post.

  4. I also love a rough sea, it's so nice to walk along the beach out of the reach of the waves of course, lol !

  5. The islands are beautiful even during winter storms Loree.
    have a nice weekend.

  6. Your captures are quite impressive!

  7. Untamed beauty... Even the gray Belgian coast looks more lovely in Winter, I prefer it too!

  8. Oh, it's so gorgeous. I would like it best in its solitary state, as well...

  9. I also had a beautiful day there recently - and some strong waves: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2011/12/12/il-majjistral-nature-park-and-anchor-bay-in-malta/

    1. And last week, I saw this paraglider there: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/paraglider-icarus-malta/


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