Monday, 27 September 2010

The Pink Persian

No matter how many times I’ve wandered though the streets of our capital city, it seems that Valletta never ceases to surprise me. Sometimes I wonder if my eyes have just been opened to the wonder of it all. This pink shop front literally made me stop dead in my tracks. I had passed this way many times before. Was it  really possible that I could have missed such a whimsically painted store all those other times?

Valletta (36)

But now my curiosity is even more piqued. What went on behind that pink facade? Maybe it used to be a restaurant. Or a dance hall. Or possibly a store selling belly-dancing costumes. If only I could find a clue … but this city guards its secrets too well. I will just continue to wonder while looking forward to the next closely guarded secret that Valletta will reveal.


  1. Wow...How magical indeeed...super the muted color of pink as well..soft and poetic...what a beautiful site to see! Thanks for sharing the enchantment Loree!! I would definately hang with you there!

  2. I love this kind of mysterious storefront that sets the imagination wandering! Wonderful.

  3. I remember Valetta as a very beautiful and romantic town !
    It's sad that your batteries died ! Without camera I feel like without one arm ! I bought one which I can put on charge and I have a spare battery so I never run out of power, lol !

  4. The delicate color makes me think of a lovely salmon bisque...I guess I'm hungry, Loree!

  5. I think that Wanda was right on target with "salmon bisque." It is a beautiful color and hides its mysteries well. I really would love to see your beautiful, alluring island.


  6. it looks like a music store. or a place where bands make lovely music. :)

  7. How mysterious... It sort of gives out an aura of a theatre or an auditorium; to me at least.


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