Sunday, 28 February 2010

Valletta in Sepia (3) – Auberge de Castille

 Valletta at Twilight

The Auberge de Castille was the official residence of the Knights of the Langue of Castille, Leon and Portugal, one of the most powerful of the Order. Auberges were inns or residences for those knights that did not have a house in Malta.

Valletta at Twilight (1)

The original auberge was built by Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar in 1574. It was virtually re-built in 1741 and the present imposing structure is attributed to Andrea Belli. This auberge is one of the most ornate buildings in Valletta and it is built on the highest point of the capital city, commanding views of the harbour and of the surrounding towns and countryside.

During British rule it was used as the headquarters of the British Army. Today it houses the Office of the Prime Minister.


  1. These are such amzaing photos..truly beautiful...I am mesmerized! Gorgeous!

  2. Those knights sure had a magnificent place to stay while they were in Malta. The sculptural details are fascinating and the auberge looks great in sepia!

  3. Magnificent building and so ornate! I like your angled view in the second photo. From your description I can understand why the British Army used it for their headquarters. Perfect in sepia.

  4. Makes me think of some buildings I have seen in Catania !

  5. Beautiful photos of the Auberge de castille!

  6. Beautiful and wow, those canons!


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