Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wildflowers Of Malta – Hoary Stocks

Valletta 074

This wildflower (known in Maltese as Gizi) is not endemic to the Maltese islands. It was introduced in the last 500 years and may be found sporadically around the island. Its Latin name is Matthiola incana and it is of the  mustard cress family. Hoary stocks flower between March and May.

Valletta 075

I found this particular plant in a most unusual place – underneath the forbidding walls of Fort St Elmo in Valletta. It was all but hidden in the rest of the vegetation but I did not miss its small, vibrant purple flowers peeping out from amongst the rest of the foliage along the path.

Valletta 076

Hoary Stocks

Photographed in Valletta

March 2012

I am indebted for all information regarding wild flowers and plants of Malta to the excellent and informative website Malta Wild Plants.


  1. Simply gorgeous! I imagine the air smelled sweet and spicy by that wall.

  2. They are so vivid! From a country that is relatively young, it amazes me that this flower, a newcomer, was brought to the island 500 years ago! Malta's history is amazing, and your knowledge vast. Thank you for sharing these flowers.


  3. Wow..totally beautiful..blissful! I have missed visiting your magical realm! gorgeous photos

  4. I am very ignorant when it comes to flower's names ! I only see their beauty ! and this one is really gorgeous !

  5. Such a lovely color, and looks so pretty against the wall.


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